Around Mull : Inlets and Islands 6-nights

£2190.00 per person (April £1970.00)

The coastline of the Island of Mull coastline is a spectacular mix of high cliffs, white sand beaches, sheltered sea lochs and fascinating off-shore islands. The whole area is stunningly beautiful and an excellent habitat for wildlife. White-tailed and golden eagles, dolphins and porpoises, common and grey seals, otters, , red deer and a host of birdlife are regularly spotted from our cruises all season. From April to early August the nesting seabirds, including puffins, are a great attraction on our Mull cruises. In July the basking sharks arrive and in August the grey seals have their pups. The cruise itinerary almost circumnavigates the whole island from Loch Spelve and Tobermory in the Sound of Mull to the magical offshore islands along the eastern coast. The unpopulated Treshnish Isles are a sanctuary for wildlife, Fingal’s Cave on Staffa has outstanding geology and the magical Isle of Iona is a haven of tranquility. The Isles of Ulva, Gometra and the fascinating Inch Kenneth with the Mitford connection are all potential shore stops. Mull is also a gourmet paradise; the pristine waters provide fish and shellfish for our boat galleys and the fertile inland farms produce the most delicious lamb, pork, beef and venison to be sampled on board.

Around Mull : Inlets and Islands

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
5 August 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
26 August 201760£2,140.00Glen MassanFully Booked
9 September 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
23 September 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked

Around Mull : Inlets and Islands

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14 April 20186-2£1,970.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
21 April 201860£1,970.00Glen MassanFully Booked
26 May 201860£2,190.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
2 June 201860£2,190.00Glen MassanFully Booked
16 June 201860£2,190.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
28 July 201860£2,190.00Glen MassanFully Booked
4 August 201866 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
25 August 201860£2,190.00Glen MassanFully Booked
8 September 201864£2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
22 September 201868£2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now

Around Mull : Inlets and Islands

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
20 April 2019611 £1,970.00Glen MassanBook Now
20 April 2019611 £1,970.00Glen TarsanBook Now
4 May 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
18 May 201968 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
1 June 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
15 June 2019611 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
13 July 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
3 August 2019611 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
24 August 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
31 August 2019611 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
21 September 201969 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
21 September 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
5 October 2019611 £1,970.00Glen TarsanBook Now

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