Inlets of Mull and Loch Linnhe 3-nights

£1100.00 per person (April and October £990.00)

A 3-night cruise will give you a true flavour of the scenery, culture, wildlife and gourmet food of the west coast of Scotland. But be warned – many of our 3-night cruise guests return, booking another longer cruise with us! For our guests with busy lives, looking for a relaxing break away from it all, our short cruise fits the bill. Sailing off down Loch Linnhe with a plateful of delicious canapes and a glass of bubbly, to the magnificent backdrop of the Nevis mountain range, cares will soon be forgotten. The coastlines are dotted with ancient castles to visit and scenic sea lochs to explore. Potential stopovers stretch from brooding Glencoe and dramatic Loch a Choire on the Scottish mainland to Loch Spelve on Mull, fringed with ancient oak forest and Tobermory, the picturesque Capital of Mull. Dolphins, eagles and otters have all been spotted from this cruise.

Inlets of Mull and Loch Linnhe

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
15 April 201730£990.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
18 April 201732£990.00Glen TarsanBook Now
13 May 201736£1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
16 May 201732£1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
24 June 201732£1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
27 June 201730£1,100.00Glen MassanFully Booked
15 July 201730£1,100.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
18 July 201730£1,100.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
16 September 201730£1,100.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
19 September 201734£1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
30 September 201732£1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
3 October 201730£990.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
Departing from Oban

Inlets of Mull and Loch Linnhe

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
14 April 201839 £990.00Glen MassanBook Now
17 April 201839 £990.00Glen MassanBook Now
23 June 2018311 £1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
26 June 201838£1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
17 July 2018311 £1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
14 August 201836 £1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
21 August 2018311 £1,100.00Glen MassanBook Now
15 September 2018311 £1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
18 September 2018311 £1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
29 September 2018311 £1,100.00Glen TarsanBook Now
2 October 2018311 £990.00Glen TarsanBook Now
Departing from Oban

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