In 2005 The Majestic Line launched it's first mini-cruise vessel, custom designed to cruise the west coast of Scotland in comfort. The size of the Majestic Line vessels allows them to have top quality spacious and comfortable accommodation for cruising in Scotland, while providing access to idyllic coastlines and inlets denied to larger ships.

The name ‘The Majestic Line' is inspired by the famous 1960's "Para Handy" TV sitcom, from the stories by Neil Munro, which were located in the Clyde. The relevant episode tells of the "Vital Spark" ships engineer, McPhail who, having walked out of his job, claimed to have signed on a ship of ‘The Majestic Line' (which he even claimed had a gold funnel) sailing to Rome, to hide the fact he could not find another position. (All four Majestic Line vessels have gold painted funnels).

The first vessel, The Glen Massan was built in Baltimore, Co. Cork in 1975. She was converted at Holy Loch Marina and renamed in 2005 by Mrs Sheila Thoms, mother of Andy.

In May 2007 the company launched the second vessel in the Majestic Line fleet, The Glen Tarsan, at Holy Loch Marina. The ship was named by the 94-year-old aunt of Andy Thoms, Oonagh Smith, sister of Andy's mother who had named the Glen Massan. Both the Glen Massan and the Glen Tarsan were originally built by the Irish Government to assist the fishing industry, are constructed from iroko on oak and are 85ft in length.

In April 2016 a third vessel, constructed in steel at Ardmaleish Boatyard on the Isle of Bute was launched at Holy Loch Marina. She was named by actor Barbara Rafferty of the famed "Rab C Nesbitt" series. The Glen Etive is also 85ft in length but more spacious internally due to the steel exterior.

In March 2018 we announced a fourth vessel The Glen Shiel. She was also built by The Ardmaleish Boatbuilding Co. Ltd. on the Isle of Bute and was launched in June 2019, and was named by Molly McLauchlan (95) great grand-daughter of Robert Lorimer, who founded the well know yacht slip and boat builders Morris and Lorimer in Sandbank.