Our Philosophy

The philosophy of The Majestic Line is to adopt a policy of sustainable tourism for our cruises. We are passionate about the natural landscapes and wild places on the West Coast of Scotland and we are committed to operating in a manner that does not harm the pristine environments that we visit.

Our cruise itineraries take in the coastline and islands of the West coast of Scotland and the Hebrides and we have a commitment to the local communities which we engage with; their way of life, culture and heritage add enormously to the positive experience our guests have while onshore. We are committed to working with local businesses and populations to ensure we bring benefits and because of that, we always receive a warm welcome wherever we go.

Our meals are, whenever possible, sourced from locally produced ingredients, often not available outwith the local area.

We are also committed to ensuring our guests have the best possible experience cruising with us, from our communications during the booking procedures to the time spent on board with us.

Our customer feedback tells us our guests find their holiday to be a once-in-a-lifetime positive experience, but we continue to ask for feedback from every guest to ensure our cruises provide the best service we can offer.