Exclusive small-ship cruises on the west coast of Scotland

The idyllic coastlines and islands of the west coast of Scotland and the Hebrides are best visited from the sea. Our three mini-cruise ships provide charming and spacious accommodation with ensuite cabins for your island-hopping adventure. With a choice of several exclusive itineraries, soak in the fabulous scenery while enjoying excellent food and hospitality on board. Read our guest reviews to find out what our guests think in their own words.

Cruise Highlights 2017

All season our guests have been sending us their wonderful highlights and favourite memories from their cruises. You can read about puffin therapy, gourmet food and idyllic anchorages here.

View our fleet of three vessels

Our guests always love to see photos of 'their boat' before coming onboard their cruise. Now you can see what life aboard Glen Massan, Glen Tarsan or Glen Etive is like! View our dining saloons, outdoor decks and cabins on our two lovingly converted vessels and our purpose built stunning new vessel.

Photos from our guests this season

All season our guests have been sending in fantastic photos which we love getting. Here is just a small choice of photos from all three vessels. We're also running a wee competition with several categories and winners will be announced at the end of the season.

Book your 2018 or 2019 cruise now

Our 2018 brochure is now available; the 2018 cruises are booking up very fast so our 2019 calendar is available to book but there is still a good choice each month so why not book now? Please take a look at our online cruise calendar for your preferred date. check availability here>

Private Cruise Charter

Private cruise charter is only available on dates which have no previous bookings. Our 2019 calendar is now online to help get the best date choice for charter. So why not gather your favourite people together to book a private cruise charter in 2019 - it is the ultimate choice to celebrate that very special occasion, enjoying the freedom to do exactly as you please with our full onboard service.View private cruise charter availability here>

Guest reviews of their cruise

Our guests can post their own reviews on our website in their own words. Please read the guest reviews - they explain so much better than we can what is so special and unique about our cruises!

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