Going Ashore

Guests have the opportunity to go ashore to explore a local community, site of historic interest or to head off for a walk once or twice a day. The boat always anchors for dinner, choosing a sheltered and scenic spot to spend the night, often with the chance of a stunning sunset. Our vessels drop anchor offshore which provides tranquility and seclusion. Guests can go ashore after dinner for a stroll or perhaps try some fishing. Waking up at anchor to the stillness and serenity is a calming way to start your day with the option to go ashore before breakfast. The crew assist guests to get ashore but walks are self-guided. Our crew provide information on the highlights of each stopover for guests to explore.

The Boat Tender

Transport to and from your vessel and the shore is by boat tender, therefore guests require a certain level of agility to be comfortable with this method of transport. Our tenders are Pioneer Multi, very versatile spacious boats with a unique bow door system, like a small landing craft. The tender is also available for fishing, laying creels and for short exploratory trips along the coastline when the boat is at anchor. A favourite is to be dropped off by tender on one part of the coast for a one-way walk and getting picked up again at the end. Safety on the tender is paramount and, although the trips to shore take only few minutes, procedures and crew advice must be followed at all times.