Frequently Asked Questions

Q How active do I have to be?

A This is entirely up to you. You can take advantage of trips ashore or stay onboard and relax. Trips ashore tend to be too small communities, local attractions or for walks and are self-guided.

Q Is the cruise suitable for people taking a single booking

A Without doubt, single travellers enjoy a holiday with us and being part of the group. We reserve two of our double cabins for single travellers at no supplement on every cruise.

Q I have restricted mobility, can I cruise with you?

A To take one of our cruises, you would have to be able to step in and out of the boat tender and climb three fixed steps to the vessel, with the aid of crew members. Onboard there are stairs leading to the upper decks and cabins. There are also opportunities to go ashore every day and these would require a level of walking agility to enjoy. If unsure, please get in touch, we are happy to advise.

Q Am I likely to get seasick?

A Our cruising area is within sheltered sea lochs and the water tends to be calm. The vessels are very stable. If we do get bad weather, we head for a sheltered mooring. People who are normally seasick say they feel better on our cruises.

Q How spacious are the cabins and beds?

A Our vessels are converted traditional boats, therefore space is more restricted than in a hotel, but superior for a boat of this size. All cabins can be either double or twin beds. The bed is king-size in width, but normal in length - the bed is divided in two to make the twin beds.

Q Are midgies a problem?

A Midgies tend to be around in July and August on the West Coast but we never get them on board as they are unable to cross water. So this is one way to enjoy the amazing scenery and hospitality of Scotland without the irritation of midgies. Midgies will also not be found in coastal areas on land when there is a bit of a breeze. Occasionally, midgies can be a problem on coastal walks but a deterrent is usually effective.

Q Can I fish during the cruise?

A There are boat rods and tackle on board and you are welcome to bring your own and fish while the vessel is at anchor. Mackerel is the most common fish caught and your catch can be cooked and served. There is also lobster creels on each boat and you can help the crew set them. We do occasionally get a lobster but crab is more common.

Q How much wildlife will I see?

A All our cruise routes are rich in wildlife and it varies enormously as to how much is seen. We do not offer guided wildlife walks and our crews are not experts, but they are knowledgeable. Guests may get very close to nesting birds on certain cruises at certain times of the year. Dolphins and porpoises are frequently seen and on the coast, you may glimpse otters and red squirrels. A wide range of bird species are always easily spotted. We carry binoculars on board but recommend you bring your own, if you are keen.

Q Are children allowed on board

A Children aged under 12 are not allowed on board, except for whole boat group charter, where children are welcome.