18 June 2022

North West Coast Wilderness - Glen Shiel

Julie Charlesworth

This cruise ruined my need for any type other than on The Majestic Line. It was superb from start to finish. Okay, the weather meant that we couldn't stick to the advertised itinerary, but Skipper Peter's excellent alternative anchorings were superb, particularly the unexpected visit to Ardintigh bay. During the cruise we were lucky enough, also, to see dolphins swimming underneath and around the boat. We even had the unusual sighting of a pine martin during the day at a stop on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Peter and Jill were so generous in sharing their knowledge of the areas we covered and were able to suggest walks and sights to look out for when we anchored. Graham the chef's dishes were irresistible, and Aaron's knowledge and skill were much admired by all. To sum up, a perfect cruise with great company, an excellent crew, and fabulous memories of places and sights we have seen. The next one has been booked!

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