12 June 2021

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda - Glen Shiel

Sheila Iyer-Hilditch

Our first cruise with you and boy! It was memorable from the moment we met Jill and Chris ashore who organised our cases and us on board to when we sadly had to depart. We loved the relaxed informal atmosphere, meeting and dining all together with the guests. We eagerly drank in the knowledge of Skipper Peter (not to mention the super whisky selection in the bar). Loved the fact you didn’t hike the bar prices as do some of your competitors. We therefore drank more!!!!….and loved it!!! Watching for wildlife was huge fun and we all shared our sightings and photos with the rest of the guests. A big thank you to Peter, Jill, Chris & Will who worked tirelessly to ensure we all had a fantastic and unforgettably unique voyage. Best wishes and keep up this high standard Sheila Iyer-Hilditch & Roger Helmer

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