20 August 2022

Mull and her Inlets and Islands - Glen Massan

Geoff Simm

My wife and I have just returned home after 7 days aboard Glen Masan. We embarked on the trip with a mixture of excitement and nervousness but from the moment we accidentally bumped into the crew on the quayside the night before we simply knew we were about to have a great experience. Their enthusiasm was infectious and as the trip proceeded it was hard to believe they had never crewed together before. Our bosun Michaela had an ever-present smile, Danny the engineer had a professionalism that belied his 20 years, and Damien the chef was able to conjure up first-class meals without ever previously cooking within the confines of the ship’s galley. What a crew and what a skipper! Dougie was the glue that held everything together and to spend some time in the wheelhouse with him was a very calming experience. He made it clear from Day 1 that safety was paramount and backed this up by changing our schedule when he considered it appropriate. He also explained his decisions very clearly. For me, the chance to see the wildlife of the area was a major reason for doing the trip. On the first day, we saw White Tailed sea eagles and got as close as was prudent to the nest site. A single Golden Eagle flew high over the ship in midweek, we saw red deer stags surprisingly close up, and the sight of gannets plunging into the sea became commonplace but nevertheless magical. OK, we didn’t spot the elusive otter, but we did see porpoises more than once. There’s always next time. If you want the glitz and glamour and the on board shopping of the ocean-going leviathans then maybe a week on Glen Massan or one of her sister ships isn’t for you. Or is it? We met people of like minds, enjoyed spending time with them, and shared experiences with them. We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the informality that was encouraged by our fabulous crew and captain. Give it a go. You might like it too !!

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