5 October 2019

Skye and the Small Isles - Glen Etive

Melissa Pettersson

When we returned from our first cruise in 2017 we immediately booked the Skye and the Small Islands for 2019. Yes, our first experience was just so wonderful. Second trip meet every expectation. We boarded the Glen Etive with our fellow travelers and what a delightful and interesting group to spend the next six days with. While the weather was what some might not call perfect, my husband and I found it actually added to the experience. Hiking coastal paths and returning to a warm boat being welcomed back on board by the crew with tea and cakes was so pleasant and gave us such a feeling of well-being. Watching the dramatic play of the clouds over the water, hills and open land was just fascinating. Our crew could not have better. Darrin our skipper kept us well informed, was personable with great patience in explaining to me the all the tools in the bridge to safely pilot the Glen Etive. Angus showed off all of his skill as chef with grace and expertise. I know I will never prepare a roast beef again.... it will be a disappointment after experiencing the one Angus prepared. He is also an excellent bread maker. Michelle, our Bosun, was so cheerful and seemed to pull off all of her duties without effort (although we know she worked hard and paid attention to all of our needs, and some we didn't even know we needed). Struan the engineer was so outgoing, helpful and very enthusiastic about his job. The Majestic Line is to be commended for assembling the best people for their crews. A cruise with The Majestic Line, where ever the boat takes you is an experience not to be missed if you enjoy nature, good people and outstanding service.

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