22 July 2017

Around Mull : Wildlife Explorer

Anonymous from Australia

We arrived back in Sydney just over a week ago, full of jet lag, but with great happiness in our hearts as we had such a wonderful holiday - made quite superb by the six nights we spent aboard Glen Tarsan. I have written already to thank Captain Neil for all his care and consideration. And we can only praise our Bosun, Ray; our Engineer, Scott, and the indefatigable Maggs!! A great team. We were blessed with four days of fine weather before rain and overcast conditions came in, but this didn't make any difference to our enjoyment. We were only sorry that we did not see pods of dolphins and some basking sharks, and whales...ah well, I guess the other wildlife will just have to suffice until, hopefully, our next trip with Majestic Line. Thank you again for all you did to make our holiday so great, and the boarding/managing suitcases etc., so seamless. Until our paths cross.

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