12 August 2017

Idyllic Isles of the Outer Hebrides

John Turnidge

Could you please pass on our thanks (from Frank, Keryn, Pat and myself) for the wonderful trip we just had on the Glen Etive. I promised the crew that I would pass on the thank you poem that we gave on Monday night. It is written out below


On Glen Etive we did cruise

With the best of possible crews

The food was just amazing

Washed down with lovely booze


The weather it was Scottish

Cloudy, rainy, never hottish

From Vatersay to Lewis

Wherever the wind blew us


The Skipper was a ripper

Darin, Master of the cabin

Plus Adam, glad we had 'im

And with Mike, what's not to like!


So here's to Lines Majestic

So much better than domestic

Royal treatment, never failing

Who could ask for better sailing?

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