16 April 2019

Private Charter 3 Nights - Glen Tarsan

Peter Chapman-Andrews

A note of thanks following our short cruise on board Glen Tarsan. It was a truly memorable few days for all of us. Of course, the fine weather was the icing on the cake, but the arrangements that you and the rest of the Head Office team made were the foundation for a wonderful cruise. Add to that the attention to every detail paid by the crew, and it made the whole experience one that will live long in the memories of all of us, especially our grandchildren - well, two of them at least! The crew of Neil, Alan, Anne and Simon could not have made us more welcome, nor could they have done more for us during the cruise. From catering to individual tastes, and the activities and films to keep the young ‘pirates’ amused, to the freedom we were allowed on board, and the crew’s patience with our little ‘pirates’, they could not be faulted. The Easter bunnies were especially appreciated, not only by our grandchildren! If there was one disappointment it was that we saw no marine wildlife, which I had hoped to see aplenty, but I am well aware of how fickle such creatures can be.

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