18 May 2019

Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides - Glen Massan

Sue Mann

We are now safely back after our wonderful cruise on board the Glen Massan. We had a fantastic time; made all the more special by the crew looking after Gavin on his Birthday. I wanted to thank you all for your help and ideas to make this a really memorable birthday. I did just wonder, as this was our third trip with the Majestic Line; whether it would feel a bit "samey" despite the fact we were going on a new itinerary. I shouldn't have had any doubts! It was a wonderful trip and we saw and did so many different things - it only made me want to look at the brochure again to see where next! We were lucky with the weather after the great weather earlier in May and the sometimes moody skies made for good photo opportunities. We also saw lots of wildlife which is always a bonus. We were "the trip" that saw minke whale twice; once definitely curious about the boat and following us, plus then coming up both sides to look at us. Then the spectacular sight of a minke whale breaching, not just once but a number of times! Peter, the skipper was delighted and marina squealed with joy which was delightful as it was such a natural reaction made special as she lives and works in the area yet also found this sight amazing. One of the other highlights of the trip was a private tour of Kinloch Castle on Rum. Many thanks to the Majestic Line for providing this extra treat. It was a delight to see the private house and hope that enough funds can be found to save it. We also had lots of walking opportunities on shore which was great and the finale was to see sea otters playing in Loch Spelve on the final morning! In summary, we had a fantastic holiday; loved being on board one of the traditional boats and enjoyed the famous Majestic Line hospitality! [I also noticed the lovely Harris Tweed cushions in the bedroom]. Hope you have a successful remainder of the season and good luck with the new boat. Until next time!!!

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