29 June 2019

Idyllic Isles of the Outer Hebrides - Glen Etive

Dr Peter and Mrs Gillian Bruwer

We had a wonderful cruise on the Glen Etive starting on the 29 June 2019 and are now finally home. We rated it 10/10 for ship, crew, delicious food lovingly made by the most incredible Chef Peter ! Every morsel was out of this world and every item was made from scratch we were all amazed at his ability and attention to detail. He was always so helpful, cheery and keen for us to enjoy ourselves while eating his delicious food at each meal plus morning and afternoon teas. Therefore so we do hope that you employ him once again , he is an incredible chef and great value you should employ him full time. All four of the crew were a complete joy to have looking after us. Each crew member was polite and respectful, yet friendly , wonderful people to look after us and so good at their jobs. Young Struan was given a lot to do for his age at only 19, yet he always had a ready smile and managed every situation professionally. He has a great career path ahead of him. Darren was a great Captain and made us feel like the ship was our home for our 10 days on board. Each day he guided us on what to see and where to go , but always aware of the weather and all of our safety. We were always welcomed on the Bridge and his knowledge was invaluable. Michelle was our cheery hostess , always with a smile producing warm dried towels and clean bathrooms while we ate breakfast. Her table decorations were to die for and her helping hand getting everyone on and off the tender together with the help of other crew members. Plus doing every other thing being required of her, was a treasure to see. Each crew member worked together so well and all readily helped one another. They were relaxed and happy with each other as well as with us, which made the cruise so happy and relaxed. We had 11 fabulous passengers who all got on like a house on fire, so together with them, the great crew, delicious homegrown and superbly cooked by Peter and your amazingly comfortable beds, plus your gorgeous ship The Glen Etive and all the beautiful parts of the Outer Hebrides which we visited , made it a fantastic 10 day cruise ! A real break away and so refreshing. We will tell all our friends about you and hopefully will join you for another cruise sometime. Thank you to all of you both ground crew and the sea crew , you are an incredible company. As we were getting off the ship we loved meeting the owner who told us he was coming to NZ in Jan 2020 , please tell him he is most welcome to come and stay. With kind regards Dr Peter and Mrs Gillian Bruwer

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