21 September 2019

Mull and her Inlets and Islands - Glen Massan

'The Gees' from Amsterdam

Hi Ali and Louisa, Just wanted to send a short note about our cruise, which was in all ways a remarkable journey. We were lucky to have some spectacular weather which made the views and scenery breath taking at times. Our departure from Oban couldn’t have started out any better, sunny and blue skies. A nice anniversary present for sure. Again, our complements to the crew of the Glen Massan, who were outstanding in their care for all the passengers. It was obvious that our safety always came first, as well as our comfort. They really are a terrific crew. And of course the food was excellent and prepared with real care. Every meal was a delight. Please pass on our complements to a really well natured and caring team. A journey like this will not be forgotten and as a bonus, we made some new friends we expect to see in the very near future. We had a long bumpy ride at the end on Thursday, which also won’t be forgotten, but a gentle final day back to the harbor of Oban. We have some great photos to look back on. Regards, 'The Gees'

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