Cruise Highlights 2016

To give you a flavour of the personal enjoyment our guests have from their cruise - here are a selection of the highlights they told us about

April 2016

A trip on tender to see stalker castle on glassy calm sea, with views of the Glen Coe & Ben Nevis mountains. An evening walk to the small hamlet of Kingairloch and a drink with the crew. Chris & Geraldine Beazer

The surprise celebration of my birthday. Really wonderful. Jean Elvidge

Staffa & Fingal’s Cave. Richard & Dawn Lovesey

Just seeing the view from the wheelhouse and hanging out talking to Captain Neil and Engineer Ray – cool dudes! Anne Colden

Watching the golden eagles while walking to the mussel farm. David & Helen Ralph

Seals, roe deer; bottlenose dolphins. Vanessa Ferraro-Wood & Alan Wood

The dolphins on the last day and the rainbows on several days. Margaret Abel

The peace and relaxation amidst beautiful scenery was special. Pat Long

Visiting the Treshnish isles and seeing the playful puffins at work. Burrowing their holes and flying to be near their friends; spotting a centuries-old tree in the edge of a mountain; fingal’s cave surrounded by dozens of curious porpoises … for me, personally, it felt as if many of the locales we visited were unchartered as most often, there wouldn’t be any other boat or human being in sight - - the entire experience was so incredibly peaceful that i gained a great appreciation for not only gorgeous scotland, but the world in which we live. I appreciated learning from martin how many of the sea maps he followed have been nearly unchanged since they were first pioneered and surveyed by skilled technicians who lived almost a world ago - - i was deeply moved by everything i experienced and learned from our crew and my surroundings. Margi English & Brett Sales

Being up before dawn (before the crew) to savour the quiet and natural beauty. The puffins on Ulva!! Fresh mussels meuniere. Being able to assemble all our friends for this wonderful cruise of beautiful Scotland. Leslee Hackenson & Roger Allers

The amazing weather! Fingal’s Cave. Walking on Gometra on my own (and saw a cuckoo). Seeing young golden eagles overhead, very close. Puffins on Lunga. Christine Ainley

The freshest mussels i have ever tasted. The sea mammals and the birds. John & Alison Southall

Looking down on the dolphins swimming at the bow. Alistair & Caroline Adams

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