17 June 2023

Isle of Skye and the Inner Hebrides - Glen Massan

Pamela Olson

It was truly the best, most unique holiday ever and, being eighty, as you can imagine I've been on many and varied holidays over that time.

Everything fell into place, we soon felt at home and settled in.  The crew was superb, each one of them making sure we had the very best experience.  We would never have known, had she not told us, that it was the first time that Yaz had crewed with Mark, Damien & Matt, as she fitted in seamlessly.

Mark was an excellent Skipper, invisible most of the time up in the wheelhouse but always in charge, keeping us informed re the route. I felt we were in safe hands and appreciated his quiet humour too.  I admired the way the crew seamlessly helped each other out when necessary: seeing Mark drying the dishes was great, no 'pulling rank' there. 

Damien did wonders in that tiny galley, the food he produced was remarkable, delicious and beautifully presented.  I had always wanted to try cranachan, so, imagine my surprise and delight when it was served at our first dinner!  An indication of further delightful days ahead.

Matt was always ready with the tender whenever needed, trips ashore and 7am swims (daughter Anna).  The engine behaved itself, as far as I could tell, so he must have been taking good care of it.  He too had galley sessions when needed, as well as serving at table.

Yaz, well, I think we all adopted her!  She was a delightful ray of sunshine, always busy, always cheerful.  Anna had daily napkin folding sessions with her, showing her new 'folds', learned from her dad, who used to make origami things for her when a youngster. We had a lot of fun with Yaz, she was delightful company, whilst always being attentive to her duties. 

An amazing aspect of the cruise was that we passengers all got on so well together, as well as with the crew.  It was a truly happy boat.  The feeling of goodwill on board was almost palpable.  We still have a WhatsApp group going.  The weather was mixed but, on our last full day we had perfect weather, who could ask for more?!!  We saw wonderful scenery, enjoyed delicious food, shared very special company and were superbly looked after. 

A bonus for me, as a lover of wooden craft, was to hear the gentle creaking of the timbers as we went along; a special sound, the memory of which takes me straight back there, to the corner of the bench seat where I always sat, where I'd rest my head on the hull to hear that sound more clearly.

So many delights, so much fun....

Thank you every one...crew and office staff as well, as you all played your part in making this so very special.

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