10 Reasons to book an 'Isles of the Clyde and the Southern Hebrides Cruise'

The Isles of the Clyde and the Southern Hebrides is the first cruise of the season and heads from the Holy Loch to Oban. Cruising through the waters of the Firth of Clyde to Kilbranan Sound and round the Mull of Kintyre passing the Southern Hebrides to Oban.   Here are just some of the reasons that this is a great choice of cruise.

  1. As this is an April cruise it costs 10% less than other 6 night cruises, because it is early season; and yet the gourmet food, the customer service, the scenery, the wildlife and often the weather is just as good as any other month - a bargain!

  2. As it is the first cruise of the season guests are piped aboard their mini-cruise ship and the boats head off on their cruise with the skirl of the bagpipes filling the air.  This makes for a truly memorable start to your holiday.  Watch the video of the 'Start of the 2018 season' here

  3. It is the only cruise we offer which starts in one location and finishes in another ensuring that you don't retrace your steps and see the same scenery twice.   No need to worry about how to collect your car as the Majestic Line makes sure that you are transported back to collect it.

  4. Cruise through the beautiful scenery that surrounds the Firth of Clyde.  Cruise through the Kyles of Bute to Kilbranan Sound between the Isle of Arran and the Kintyre Peninsula.

  5. 'Master the Mull' - this cruise rounds the Mull of Kintyre which features a tidal race meaning that it can on occasion be a bit of an adventure.  Our Skippers always do their best to make it as smooth a passage as possible. It makes for a great talking point as not everyone has rounded the 'Mull of Kintyre' and our guests will receive a certificate to confirm that they have indeed 'Mastered the Mull'
  6. Daylight is shorter in April so sunrises are perfectly timed for breakfast and sunsets for dinner, with the depth of light and colour often very dramatic at this time of year - making it an ideal time for photographers to cruise. Evenings are dark, therefore perfect for viewing spectacular starry nights, or a bright moon reflected on the water, from our remote anchorages with no light pollution.
  7. Locally sourced ingredients, from spring lamb and seafood to new season vegetables are at their very best in April, providing inspiration for our Chefs and gourmet delights for our guests.
  8. Cruising through the Southern Hebrides past the islands of Gigha, Islay, Jura and the Slate Islands, with the possibility of seeing the 'Corryvreckan Whirlpool' in the Gulf of Corryvreckan between the islands of Jura and Scarba. The Whirlpool was immortalised in the 1945 Powell and Pressberger film 'I Know Where I'm Going'.
  9. We cruise off the west coast of Scotland, so the weather is very changeable on any day on any month of the season. Some years we have snow on some days and glorious sunshine on others! Maritime weather provides ever changing dramatic and beautiful scenery which guests marvel at from the comfort of the vessel. Rainbows are reflected in the sea lochs, cloud patterns chase along the landscape, skies are huge with layers of shape and light. 
  10. An April cruise will shake off the lethargy of winter in the best possible way.  Sea air and amazing scenery will revive the spirits, while getting pampered with delicious food and amazing scenery. Shore trips will provide exercise at whatever level suits, while providing inspiration to learn more about the unique culture and environment of the west coast of Scotland.

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