Explore the very best of Scottish water with The Majestic Line

Here at The Majestic Line, we pride ourselves on being the best way to explore the West Coast of Scotland and the Hebrides. The West Coast of Scotland has it all for you to explore; culture, castles, delicious seafood specialities, mystical lochs, and most importantly, striking islands and coastlines. Similarly, the Hebrides have their own unique paradises just waiting to be explored - all of which can be done aboard our vessels

The irresistible charm of the Scottish coasts make it difficult to resist coming back – there's always something undiscovered just waiting to be seen! There is truly no better feeling the fresh sea breeze on your skin while looking at some of the most wondrous views in the world. The restorative qualities of being near to Scottish water are unmatched and here are just some of the ways you can enjoy a boost of water wellness with us. 


Leisurely cruising on our small ships

One of the best things about small ship cruising is that it allows you to travel and watch the changing scenery at a leisurely pace. Most of our cruises depart from Oban. Known as the gateway to the isles, Oban is just a boat ride away from pure island air and a clearer head. Once you’ve finished sailing your troubles away, you will return the scenic town where you can explore on dry land.


Make friends with the wonderful marine wildlife

Whether in the water, on land, or in the air - you are always bound to see some wonderful marine wildlife while on our cruises. The areas we cruise in are a haven for wildlife all year round and, you will be able to see everything from puffins to dolphins and otters to basking sharks, minke whales and much more, depending on the time of year. 

There is no better way to improve your mood than watching Scotland’s marine wildlife in their natural homes and, our guests have enjoyed thousands of sightings over the years. 

Taste the best of Scottish seafood

Scotland has some of the best seafood in the world and aboard our cruises is no different. Our chefs make use of fresh seasonal produce and always source locally caught seafood. We even have our own lobster pots!

Feed those happy hormones and enjoy the views as each meal is generally served at anchor in a new idyllic location, carefully chosen by your skipper. Why not wash it all down with some traditional Scotch whisky

Wonderful Scottish waterfalls

When on our cruises, there are many wonderful waterfalls to be seen. From Mealt Falls at Kilt Rock in Skye to waterfalls being blown upwards through the Sound of Mull when there is a strong westerly wind to the waterfall in the infamous Tobermory Bay. 

Bathe in your surroundings while listening to the crashing white noise of the water from the dry deck of the boat!

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