4 September 2021

Outer Hebrides and St Kilda - Glen Shiel

Jane Radford

My 6th cruise review and the most difficult to write as mere words are not enough to describe a trip or rather expedition that took us to the Edge of the World, a very apt description for the St Kilda Archipelago. An unforgettable, once in a lifetime shared adventure of epic proportions. As always, made extra special by the tireless work of the crew, Peter the skipper, Jill the bosun, Chris the engineer and Neil the wonderful chef. The Glen Shiel got us there and back safely and in great comfort, but they provided those magical ingredients of support and succour to a newly formed 'family' of determined passengers.Always a mystery to me how they achieve this level of service, but then they are special individuals deserving of high praise indeed. The backdrop of an ever changing seascape/landscape seen from the boat is the very best way to see the North West of Scotland and we were also blessed with the bonus of many bird and sea creatures sightings. To finish, huge thanks to the support given by the office staff who have battled through a difficult and demanding 18 months. Look forward to many more MJL cruises in the coming years.

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