Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal 6-nights

2017 - £2140.00 per person (October £1926.00)

2018 and 2019 - £2190.00 per person (April and October £1970.00)

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A cruise through the beautiful sea loch of Loch Linnhe, past the historic Isle of Lismore and the quintessential Scottish Castle, Castle Stalker, is a fitting prelude to the masterpiece of engineering which is the Caledonian Canal. This is one of the greatest waterways of the world, running 60 miles coast to coast from Fort William to Inverness. It passes through charming villages, spectacular lochs, and beautiful countryside. In autumn the colours are stunning and the deer can be heard rutting in the hills. The area is full of historic attractions; the Loch Ness Monster is just one of many myths and legends.

Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
9 September 201760£2,140.00Glen MassanFully Booked
16 September 201760£2,140.00Glen MassanFully Booked
30 September 201760£2,140.00Glen MassanFully Booked
7 October 201760£1,926.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
7 October 201760£1,926.00Glen MassanFully Booked

Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
21 April 201860£1,970.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
28 April 201860£1,970.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
8 September 201860£2,190.00Glen MassanFully Booked
15 September 201860£2,190.00Glen MassanFully Booked
29 September 201864£2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
6 October 201864£1,970.00Glen TarsanBook Now
6 October 201868£1,970.00Glen MassanBook Now
13 October 2018610 £1,970.00Glen TarsanBook Now

Loch Ness and the Caledonian Canal

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
27 April 201968 £1,970.00Glen TarsanBook Now
4 May 2019611 £2,190.00Glen TarsanBook Now
7 September 201964£2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
14 September 2019610 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
28 September 2019611 £2,190.00Glen MassanBook Now
5 October 201968£1,970.00Glen MassanBook Now

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