Around Mull : Wildlife Explorer 6-nights

£2140.00 per person (April £1926.00)

The Island of Mull is outstanding for its natural environment and remarkable range of wildlife. The itinerary takes in many wilderness areas which are very scenic as well as providing the best opportunity to see as many species as possible. A full day trip on land is included to extend the range of wildlife seen. Anchorages are chosen for their tranquillity and natural habitat. A major highlight on the April, May and June cruises is the proximity of nesting puffins and other seabirds on the offshore islands while September provides a good chance of spotting basking sharks and whales. Porpoises, dolphins, otters, white-tailed and golden eagles and many other bird species can be spotted at any month of the season.

Around Mull : Wildlife Explorer

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
22 April 201762£1,926.00Glen TarsanBook Now
29 April 201760£1,926.00Glen MassanFully Booked
13 May 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
10 June 201762£2,140.00Glen TarsanBook Now
22 July 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
2 September 201760£2,140.00Glen TarsanFully Booked
23 September 201760£2,140.00Glen MassanFully Booked
Departs Oban

Around Mull : Wildlife Explorer

DateNightsSpacesPrice ppVesselBook
12 May 201862£2,140.00Glen MassanBook Now
21 July 2018611 £2,140.00Glen TarsanBook Now
28 July 2018611 £2,140.00Glen MassanBook Now
18 August 2018611 £2,140.00Glen TarsanBook Now
1 September 2018611 £2,140.00Glen TarsanBook Now
22 September 201868 £2,140.00Glen MassanBook Now
Departs Oban

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