Covid-19 Update


The Coronavirus is obviously causing great concern to those planning cruises with us in the near future.

We are closely monitoring global developments regarding the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and are fully focused on protecting the health, safety and welfare of our guests and crew. We take the advice of both the UK and Scottish Governments.

We still do not have clear guidance as to the route out of lockdown but have decided, reluctantly, to put the start date of our cruises for this season back to the Saturday 4th July, 2020. Difficult though this is we are trying not to second guess the routes out of lockdown but we are preparing plans to offer safe cruising while still offering our exceptional experience. There are a lot of uncertainties but life has to go on and on the west coast we are better placed than most to offer a much needed break from self-isolation, which we think will be coming to an end about that date. Rest assured we will not take risks and will monitor the situation and change again if needed. Our boats and crew are ready to go as unlike many of the larger events we can get going quickly.

We do love to keep in touch with you all but can I ask a favour at this time. Can we call you rather than you call us? Our incoming phone lines are not designed to deal with a sudden surge and staff are busy rebooking the April/May clients. Could I ask that if you have any queries or wish to make changes you email us in the first instance - We will then call you back. Of course, if you are not happy with email please call and if we are busy leave a message.

Likewise for new bookings please feel free to use the online booking system. If not please email us at and we will get back in a short space of time to discuss your requests.

Our 2021 calendar is filling up fast therefore our 2022 calendar will be online soon; just keep checking the website!

Because of the present uncertainty we are reducing the period for which final payments are needed to 2 weeks. This is we think the minimum you will need to plan travel and ourselves to get the boats ready to welcome you.

However, the one thing that is not uncertain is the outstanding scenery and wildlife of the west coast of Scotland or the welcome and hospitality you will receive onboard. We hope to provide a total relief from the current stresses.

Once cruises resume, we will obviously be following any additional measures the government requires to minimise the covid-19 threat. We will share these with you. Under normal circumstances we have strict hygiene procedures in place to prevent cross contamination by illnesses such as norovirus. Our vessels are well ventilated relying on fresh air not air conditioning and cruises are relatively short in duration, not far from safe ports. The essence of our cruises is to explore the Hebrides and other remote locations and islands. It's not unusual for many of our landings to be accomplished in complete isolation, 'far from the madding crowd'. Ideal for normal life resuming.

Information for overseas guests

We realise you may have travel issues and are happy to work with you to resolve them including re-booking your cruise with us. Please contact Amanda or Louisa by email to discuss.

Posted by The Majestic Line